Dr. Anjum Sultana Khatoon

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Dr. Anjum Sultana Khatoon

Associate Professor, General Medicine

  • M.B.B.S :  Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  • M.D. :  Deccan College of Medical Sciences
  • Diploma in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Years of Experience: 35 years
  • Levels of Serum Magnesium in normal persons and persons suffering from viral hepatitis and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Effect of Proteinuria in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Impact of early addition of Truegriptm to Metformin in type-2 Diabetic patients
  • Voglibose and its significance in pre-diabetes an observational study
  • Glycaemia impact of individual oral Hypoglycaemic drugs in type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • A case report on Fahrs Disease
  • View of post Covid manifestation and quality of life in Covid victims