The Department of Respiratory Medicine (Department of Pulmonary Medicine) at the Deccan College of Medical Sciences is a flourishing department that caters to patients with a wide variety of respiratory ailments including asthma, COPD (smoker’s lung), interstitial fibrosis, tuberculosis, pleural effusions (fluid in the chest), pneumothorax (air leaking from the lungs), sleep disorders (pathological snoring), respiratory failure, pneumonias and all kinds of respiratory infections. All the Faculty are updated with the latest developments in the field, and have got major publications to their names including articles in high impact journals. The department has played a lead role in the Continuing Medical Education scene of the Twin Cities by conducting workshops on Mechanical Ventilation, Advanced Lung Function Testing, and COPD in association with the Public Health Foundation of India.

The department plays a major role in the TB eradication programmes in the country by working closely with organizations such as TB-ALERT India, Joint Effort towards Elimination of Tuberculosis (JEET), and Tuberculosis Health Action Learning Initiative (THALI). The department has also collaborated with the Chest Research Foundation (CRF) at Pune in two major clinical projects—EMBARC and TOPD.

The department has also done significant social work in active TB surveillance in old-age homes, and orphanages. Dr. Ashfaq Hassan, Prof. Pulmonology is an author of two highly acclaimed books in Pulmonary and critical care medicine.

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CT Guided Lung biopsy
Ultrasound guided lung biopsy
Pleural Tap
Smoking Cessation Clinic
Sleep Clinic
Dr. Ashfaq Hasan